Why I see myself as an entrepreneur!

One thing is for sure, I want to be an entrepreneur solely for a selfish reason. Being myself during the working day is essential for my wellbeing. People spend 8 hours per day at work, and for me it is crucial to have a spoonful of happiness during that time. I want to get up every morning, knowing that I enjoy what I do, love my work, and it makes me happy. My own company would bring the environment I wish for, where I can set up my own rules and conditions and make it work. I do not want to be bipolar – at home communicative and friendly person, and at work moody due to disliking what I do for a living, which leads us to the second important point of motivation for entrepreneurship.

People work mostly to make ends meet! Pure reality is that most of the people work hard just to put food on the table. In Macedonia, a country with 32% of unemployment, it is impossible to choose between jobs, simply because the moment you start complaining, you can easily be substituted. That’s how people end up being triste. The simple truth is that money can not buy happiness, nor help inventions and creativity, that most certain the job requires. This is why I love the marshmallow challenge. The results from this test showed that, when given financial price, people didn’t work at their best. Money killed their creativity and the skills to innovate, because they were under pressure to get the price, instead of focusing on solving the problem. So we go back to my About page, and the first post of my blog, where I wrote I wanted to solve problems in life. That’s what keeps me going. Of course I do expect a certain financial gain by being an entrepreneur, I don’t want to buy food on credit, but also, I don’t want going after money to lead me away from shaping a successful future in the technology world. I want a company, which will challenge me to solve problems, while providing me enough financial support, and putting a smile on my face at the same time. I want to create technologies that will be useful and helpful to people, but my biggest dream is to evolve throughout that whole process. I know that life is full of barriers, but  I also know that we don’t have to put a period where life put a comma.

Working as a volunteer and being involved in UNDP changed completely my observation of life and people, and how I can help, by acting locally. I know how hard being a leader and a team builder is, but I am looking forward to the challenge. If I could employee 5 people, I will feed 5 families. If 100 people are satisfied with my work, I will make 100 people happier, and less frustrated. That’s a pretty good place to start, and I will be very satisfied for reaching that first step of my plan. I have a goal, and I plan to reach it step by step, making one objective at a time – reality.

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10 Responses to Why I see myself as an entrepreneur!

  1. bozikmk says:

    I like the story under the picture with the smiley 🙂

  2. Nina says:

    Love the positive attitude you are expressing and sharing! I also agree with you in regards to putting value and importance of the process, living and working, not only the final result.

  3. What matters and what people should learn is that they should enjoy doing every step of the process. he bigger the problem, the higher the satisfaction when solving it :). I love your wish for solving problems and not putting the money as a goal. T I also believe that if you really enjoy what you do and dedicate yourself to it, money come easily. I believe we are going to have a lot of things in common to discuss about :D.

  4. mmmanasieva says:

    Straight motives, clear goals, pure thoughts: in my opinion, all the right ingredients for the most delicious cake-SUCCESS!
    Enjoy while cooking it, enjoy while tasting the first piece! 🙂

  5. isakmomcilla says:

    I like your post because it shows the feelings of a young enterpreneur that carres generally about many economic and social areas in our country.I fully believe that your story is a good example that everyone must have in their minds ,especially your thoughts about helping other families and the real situation on our contry (people that work just for food)….We are all trying to overcome this negative things that are stagnating our progress in economic point of view…Hope for a better future …!!!? 🙂

  6. Elena Miteva says:

    Really interesting video that makes you start thinking about how easy is to solve some problms only you have to have the right team besides you that will work as family and for the final goal that will be vey satisfying and will make many people happier. Keep thinking this way and keep it to your principles (Althought the rality will make you break few on the way to the successs).

  7. InInfinitum says:

    To love what you do is very important. I really do believe that work defines us so it is that much important to do something that you love and that is in accord with your dreams and the picture that you have of a fulfilling job. I loved the idea behind the marshmallow challenge, creativity is truly the key to problem-solving, so stay creative on your path to becoming an entrepreneur.

  8. spasovska says:

    Wow… I cannot disagree with any point that you made. Perfect post, at least for me 🙂

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