Plan plan plan your business!

This week, reading many entrepreneurs’ stories, I realized that a good plan is the best start for a business. If you plan, research the market and industry, see the “need” the customers have, check out the potential risks you are on a safe ground. You must investigate whether your idea fits the market, and whether the customers are ready for the change you are offering, and how much effort they will have to put in order to accept the idea and the new business. “Unprepared you can’t go anywhere“, and that quote is also true about the business world. We should consider entrepreneurship as a test. You have to study, and then take a test. You don’t have to know everything for the test, but the questions you couldn’t answer, after the test you can read in your book, learn the answer, and know it for next time. Taking more tests will provide practice, will teach you the best ways to learn and prepare, you will not the repeat the same mistakes. With time, you realize that basic studying for a test is applicable in daily life, and in the business world. You can not all the answers, but you can try to find the solutions. The more question occur, the more answers you have to provide, but learn much more, and in the whole process, gain valuable experience, that no one can take away from you. Then comes the self confidence, and things get easier.

But also, we must never forget that it is also very important when entering the business world to love your idea, to believe in developing the dream and be patient, never get discouraged by bad times and obstacles, because everything good and bad moments happen, and they change. It can not be too perfect, or horrible all the time, it is a cycle, and the sooner we realize it, the easier it will be to survive the business world, because nothing is forever.

I remember an old quote by Franklin D. Roosevelt saying “Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; It lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.” Every story about successful entrepreneurs is about the excitement of expressing themselves, and managing their work and the people around them, and the financial gain comes at last. If everyday you get up, and you hate what you do, and your legs are walking backwards as you are walking at work, means you didn’t fulfill your needs, and you must change something in your business. To be flexible is not bad, and to change the path is never late. Therefore, everytime something doesn’t work, stop for a second, think and plan how to solve the problem, don’t be afraid to change the plans that you had when you started. Unless you are flexible, you will drown in the sea of all other businesses that struggle to exist. Don’t think of the money, they will come with time.

Having an idea will encourage you to start, but putting an effort into planning is what will make a dream come true.

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