You think you failed or made a mistake? Better call it – experience!

The old quote that “everyone makes mistakes“, did not survive all this years just because it sounds smart. It is something that is real, and we should accept it as such.

There is no time for being sorry for the past actions, because they are very valuable and serve us in future, when problems occur. I see mistakes as lessons that no professor, parent, friend or adviser can provide us. It is a history of actions based on previous experience, and can later on be used to do things differently, and faster and better.

Learning from experience is self-improvement. I don’t mind making mistakes – it only means I gained something, and next time I face a problem I can think about it, analyse my actions and improve. Like that, I don’t repeat the mistakes, I take them as a lesson and go forward. Through life we lead ourselves by our past actions, and what we’ve learned to be good or bad, what hurt, or didn’t hurt, from what we have gained, or lost. It is simple, logical, and we base our new choices on the past ones.

Taking critics is another way of gaining valuable experience that books cannot provide. We were not born smart. Period! The sooner we realize it, the better and simpler life is. When being criticized, the first feeling is – failure, but time proves that it is one of the best ways to think, reevaluate, improve, become more mature, and self-aware of the actions. That means people should always be given points of improvement, because that is the only way they can achieve more, and reach the impossible, aim higher and dream bigger.

A saying I love the most is: “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” 50 years from now you will not be sorry by the mistakes you did! You know why? Go few years back. Are you sorry you took a computers course you didn’t like? Would you feel better if you didn’t take it, and never tried it? No, money weren’t wasted, now you know you don’t like that. Did you go with someone to a place you hated? So what? You can always advice your friends not to go there, and will never take your lover to that place. And if you were blond at a time, it was a change – maybe you and no one else liked it, but at least you gave it a try, and now you know what suits you better! And relationships and jobs… those are the best lessons. Based on my own experience, the next job or partner is always better than the previous one :).

And there is always tomorrow, so today’s dissatisfaction, will bring you something good in future.

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