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You think you failed or made a mistake? Better call it – experience!

The old quote that “everyone makes mistakes“, did not survive all this years just because it sounds smart. It is something that is real, and we should accept it as such. There is no time for being sorry for the … Continue reading

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Student life experience is priceless

I will write about what I know – how experience through student life can be implemented in the daily work life. While being in University, there are many associations, and organizations that students can be part of. I was an … Continue reading

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Key to success? Is there a definition to it?

Why is someone successful? Most people would say it is because they were born with a gift, under the bright star, and they were lucky. Well….it isn’t really about luck, and I completely agree with Heidi Grant Halvorson from the … Continue reading

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If It’s Important, You’ll Find A Way. If It Isn’t, You’ll Find An Excuse

Taking things into your own hands is the golden rule of success, because waiting and hoping will not make things happen, or will solve problems out of the blue. Dreams do not come true by accident. The cool hunter inspired … Continue reading

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Plan plan plan your business!

This week, reading many entrepreneurs’ stories, I realized that a good plan is the best start for a business. If you plan, research the market and industry, see the “need” the customers have, check out the potential risks you are … Continue reading

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Some things to learn from other entrepreneurs – Nejc Zupan

When I was thinking who to write this article about, a person that I personally know and admire, and at the same time owns a business, the first one that came on my mind was my friend Nejc Zupan. I … Continue reading

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Who inspired me?

I am inspired by different people and their actions on a daily basis. It can be a woman struggling to survive by selling fruit, a movie or a book, Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg, my parents, my grandparents, friends….anyone really. … Continue reading

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